Produced by An Enchanted Earth Ocean Production, "Orang Utan Republik Education Initiative" was the first documentary created for OUREI using archival video footage made by Dr. Gary Shapiro, Chairman & Co-Founder of OUREI. 

The 20 minute documentary shows some of the ex-captive orangutans in Tanjung Puting National Park, Central Kalimantan as well as a brief glimpse of the signing behavior of Princess, a then 5-6 year old orangutan who was, and still is, living in and around Camp Leakey, a facility within the Park. Dr. Shapiro taught Princess sign language skills at Camp Leakey between 1978 and 1980 as part of his doctoral research program. In the documentary, Shapiro also touches on orangutan biology and behavior and his unique relationship with Princess.

The documentary was written and narrated by Elise Bailey, who originally created the program for her cable television show. Elise provides moving commentary about the possible fate of the orangutan and the impact of the illegal pet trade.

The documentary is hosted by YouTube in three parts and can be viewed by clicking the image associated with each respective part.

OUREI part 1  OUREI part 2  OUREI part 3
       Part 1 (7:40)                            Part 2 (9:01)                           Part 3 (3:10)