The Orang Utan Republik Foundation (OURF) will hold its annual Pongo Environmental Awards and Fundraiser in a beautiful private home in Pasadena, CA. Our emcee will be respected veteran actor/activist Ed Asner, who will grace the venue with his amazing celebrity status in television and with human/animal rights issues. We plan to have other well-known celebrities who will help make the event spectacular. We will also honor several individuals for their achievements in environment or orangutan conservation as we give out our 2016 Pongo Environmental Awards.

Attendees will enjoy auctions, entertainers, delicious authentic Indonesian food, wine, inspirational speakers. Best of all, we hope you will be there to experience the joy of sharing our mission with others to save an endangered species through education and empowerment.



Guests at the Fundraiser and Awards will be entertained by our musicians, New Zealand born Jess Harlen and Cami Charlesworth; Dancers, and emcee Ed Asner.


VIP Opportunity

From 5pm- 5:45pm, VIP guests at the Fundraiser will be able to spend quality time before the general reception with our celebrity guests and entertainers as well as receive special gifts. Learn more about upgrading your experience as a VIP.


Silent Auction

From villas in Bali to unique experiences with celebrities, and handicrafts from Indonesia, you can bid on a variety of great items. Chances are you will get a great bargain. But this is one of the ways, OURF raises funds to run its programs. Check out some of the items we will have to offer.

 Auction Items for Web2

 And many more items!   Tickets


Thank you to the sponsors below who have provided funding and services to make our annual event possible. If you would like to become a sponsor, contact us for details


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Ed Begley Jr.,   David Copperfield,  Steve Edberg,  Jess Harlen, Cami Charlesworth, Ronna Phelps, Sekar Sosronegoro, Doug Fretty, Inggriani Shapiro, Marcia Frank, Steve Rasmussen, Bruce Dern, Karin Konoval, Jason Shanaman.




Our venue is a private home in West Pasadena overlooking Eagle Rock. Its spectacular view was one of the reasons it was selected. Its specific location will not be publicly mentioned to respect the privacy of our hosts.  Guests will receive the specific address once payment is made for a ticket.


Street parking below the venue will be augmented by complementary shuttle service that will take guests to and from the venue.

About the  Pongo Environmental Awards


Pongo is the genus for the scientific name of the orangutan:  Pongo pygmaeus (Bornean orangutan) and Pongo abelii (Sumatran orangutan). Pongo, therefore, refers to orangutan in Latin.

PongoBustPongo Environmental Awards are given to individuals and organizations who have contributed to the improved understanding and appreciation of orangutans and endangered species, rainforest habitat, and for improving conditions for orangutans and other animals globally. Such individuals come from the fields of entertainment, commerce, academia, and government as well as from the non-profit sector. A nominating committee to the Board of OURF considers nominees for the award and will choose the honored recipients prior to the annual fundraiser.

The award consists of a certificate with the recipient’s name, date of the honor, a statement as to why the recipient was selected, and a sculpted bust of an adult Bornean male orangutan, mounted on a base with the inscription of the recipient and the date. The orangutan bust design was expertly crafted by artist Jason Shanaman.